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Reliance Jio is one of the leading and fastest-growing telecom companies in India. The company has a subscriber base of over 422.2 million across the country as of March 2021. These figures are greater than any other telecom company in India.

One of the biggest reasons behind Jio’s success is its attractive prepaid plans. Since the time, the company has entered the market, it has completely changed the dynamics of the telecom industry.

Reliance Jio is the first telecom company to offer data plans at such cheap rates. They even offered free data and unlimited voice calls for the first few months in their initial days.

For those who don’t know Reliance Jio happens to be the second-largest telecom market in the world. In recent times, the company has gained more subscribers and the number continues to grow every month.

Jio Prepaid Plans – Data, Validity, Cost per Day and More

Reliance Jio is known to offer cheap prepaid plans to its subscribers. They regularly revise their plans to offer more benefits. This is one of the main reasons behind their huge subscriber base.

Jio prepaid plans are paired with many benefits that are hard to resist. Most of their prepaid plans come with benefits like Jio apps, Disney+Hotstar. Buying Jio prepaid plans means you can gain access to these streaming services for free.

Disney+Hotstar is a popular streaming app that requires a monthly subscription. But with Jio, you can watch contents on this app for free.

For the year 2021, Jio has revised their existed prepaid plans and also added new ones.

Below you can find Jio prepaid plans for smartphones, JioFi, JioPhone and JioLink. Compare the different prepaid plans to choose the best one for yourself.

We’ve also included ‘cost per day’ to choose the best value recharge plan for you.

Newly launched Jio Freedom Prepaid Recharge Plans
Jio Freedom Plans

Smartphone Plans with Daily Data Limit

(GB per day)
Total DataVoiceSMS
(per day)
BenefitsCost per day
14924124UNL100Jio Apps6.21
98141.521UNLJio Apps7.00
199281.542UNL100Jio Apps7.11
399561.584UNL100Jio Apps7.13
555841.5126UNL100Jio Apps6.61
777841.5 + 5GB131UNL100Disney+ Hotstar, Jio Apps9.25
21213361.5504UNL100Jio Apps6.31
24928256UNL100Jio Apps8.89
444562112UNL100Jio Apps7.93
598562112UNL100Disney+ Hotstar, Jio Apps10.68
599842168UNL100Jio Apps7.13
23993652730UNL100Jio Apps6.57
25993652 + 10GB740UNL100Disney+ Hotstar, Jio Apps7.12
34928384UNL100Jio Apps12.46
401283 + 6GB90UNL100Disney+ Hotstar, Jio Apps14.32
999843252UNL100Jio Apps11.89
349936531095UNL100Jio Apps9.59
Plans with daily data limit

Plans with NO Daily Data Limit

Total DataVoiceSMS
(per day)
BenefitsCost per day
1271512 GBUNL100Jio Apps8.47
2473025 GBUNL100Jio Apps8.23
4476050 GBUNL100Jio Apps7.45
5979075 GBUNL100Jio Apps6.63
2397365365 GBUNL100Jio Apps6.57
Plans without daily data limit

Affordable Plans with Low Data

Total DataVoiceSMSBenefitsCost per day
129282 GBUNL300Jio Apps4.61
329846 GBUNL1000Jio Apps3.92
129933624 GBUNL3600Jio Apps3.87
Not for heavy data users

Jio 4G Data Vouchers (Add-ons)

PlanValidityTotal DataBenefits
11Active Plan1 GB
21Active Plan2 GB
51Active Plan6 GB
101Active Plan12 GB
612Active Plan72 GB
(6GB x 12)
Disney+ Hotstar
As per existing plan

JioFi Recharge Plans

Below plans are for JioFi devices (Jio Dongle).

These plans also work on smartphones by providing additional 4G data. These plans do not have Voice and SMS benefits.

Data LimitTotal DataBenefitsCost per day
499561.5 GB per day84 GBDisney+ Hotstar, Jio Apps8.91
2513050 GB8.37
100412050 GB per 30 days200 GBDisney+ Hotstar, Jio Apps8.37
2013040 GB6.70
120618040 GB per 30 days240 GBDisney+ Hotstar, Jio Apps6.70
1513030 GB5.03
120824030 GB per 30 days240 GBDisney+ Hotstar, Jio Apps5.03
These plans are also for JioFi Devices
  • UNL means Unlimited.
  • Jio Apps include JioTV, JioCinema, JioNews, JioSecurity, JioCloud.
  • Disney+ Hotstar 1 year subscription worth ₹399 at no extra cost.
  • Voice and SMS benefits do not apply to data vouchers (add-ons).

JioPhone Prepaid Recharge Plans

These plans are for JioPhones only.

(GB per Day)
Total DataVoiceSMSBenefitsCost per day
75280.1 +
200 MB
3 GBUNL50Jio Apps2.68
125280.514 GBUNL300Jio Apps4.46
15528128 GBUNL100 per dayJio Apps5.54
18528256 GBUNL100 per dayJio Apps6.61
(28 Days x 12)
2GB per 28 days24 GBUNL50 per 28 daysJio Apps2.23
69140.57 GBUNLJio Apps4.93
3914100 MB per Day1400 MBUNLJio Apps2.79
Specifically for JioPhones

Update: Jio has discontinued Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer. This offer is no longer available now.

Jio is running an offer of Buy 1 Get 1 Free on all JioPhone plans except long validity plan of ₹749 to help users in the time of pandemic.

There’s no any promocode required to claim this offer. You just need to recharge your JioPhone with an eligible plan.

For example, if you recharge your JioPhone with ₹75 plan then you’ll get the benefits of the same value for more 28 days.

JioPhone Data Add-ons

DataTotal Data
22282 GB
52286 GB
72280.5 GB per Day14 GB
102281 GB per Day28 GB
152282 GB per Day56 GB
JioPhone Data Vouchers
  • UNL means Unlimited.
  • Jio Apps include JioTV, JioCinema, JioNews, JioSecurity, JioCloud.
  • Disney+ Hotstar 1 year subscription worth ₹399 at no extra cost.
  • Voice and SMS benefits do not apply to data vouchers (add-ons).

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