Google Messages Getting Message Categories and Auto Delete OTP

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Google Messages, the native SMS app on Android smartphones, gets two new and useful features in India.

To help you better manage your messages, Google has two new updates to the Messages app to share. The first feature allows the automatic deletion of OTP and the second feature categorises messages into different categories.

Auto Delete OTPs after 24 Hours

The new feature that Google introduces into the Messages app is the ability to delete OTP messages automatically after 24 hours. OTPs are designed to be useless after they are used. Many users don’t tend to delete OTP messages even after using those OTPs. Thus, a vast collection of useless OTP messages increases.

But using this new feature called Auto Delete OTPs, OTP messages are automatically deleted after 24 hours. So users do not have to spend time deleting them and can focus on more important messages.

To enable the automatic deletion of OTP messages, you must enable Auto-delete OTP in the app’s settings under Message Organization.

View Messages by Category

One of the reasons SMS can be so irritating is that you get a mix of messages from friends, family members, banks, online services, spam and more — and they are all in your inbox, and if you are someone who types frequently and takes the time to organize everything — it can get messy.

With so many inbound texts competing for your attention, it’s difficult to differentiate the important ones, as the explanation says: our messaging app categorizes your messages by type. In addition to face-to-face conversations, there are various types of messages they receive, including transactions, promotions, receipts, orders confirmations and more.

Google is starting to introduce a feature that sorts messages into categories, similar to Gmail, where you can find certain messages that have a promotional offer, personal or OTPs.

The search giant announced new categories and features for the app that leverage machine learning to sort messages into four broad categories – Personal, Transactions, OTPs and Offers.

Google said it began working on the new features after users shared feedback that receiving multiple messages at once made it difficult to separate important ones. According to Google, the automatic categorization feature is secure and will help users find out which of their messages have been sent and received.

In a blog post, Google announced the introduction of two new features for its users in India. The company says it will roll out the features in English on Android phones running Android 8 and newer in the coming weeks on Indian phones.

Download or update Messages app to the latest version in order to get these features.

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