Can You Activate Voicemail Service on Jio?

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Voicemail is a very useful tool that helps mobile users manage their incoming calls better. There are various reasons why you should activate voicemail on your smartphone.

For example, you may want to check your voicemail when you are out of reach, not available to receive calls or even want to direct calls to voicemail service rather than picking them up.

Can You Activate Voicemail Service on Jio Prepaid and Postpaid Connections?

The answer is NO. Voicemail service is not available on Jio Network (Prepaid and Postpaid).

Definitely, when you search online about activating Voicemail service on the Jio network, you may find some websites (even top news-media websites in India) in the search results showing steps activating Voicemail service on the Jio connection.

But that information is false.

If the telecom company doesn’t provide voicemail service, how can you enable it?

Further, I reached out to Reliance Jio to confirm the availability of Voicemail service and got a response from them clearly stating “Currently, this service is not available on Jio”. Here is the screenshot of the conversation with Jio.

Conversation with Reliance Jio about Voicemail service availability

We’ll update here once the Voicemail service becomes available on Jio.

What is Voicemail Service and How It Works?

Most smartphones have voicemail services built in them, allowing the person who is calling you to leave a voice message. When the caller is directed to the voicemail service, first of all the caller hears a greeting message set by you (you can record this message as you want), and then the voicemail system records the message from the caller and stores it so that you can listen to this voicemail later.

I’m writing this post because there’s a significant amount of misinformation circulating about how to activate voicemail service on the Jio network.

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  1. True. Lots of misinformation about voicemail on Jio. This post answers the question clearly and accurately without any misleading steps which do not work.

    Thanks a lot for writing this post. Please write more such posts to avoid misinformation. I’m sharing some topics via message where no clear info. is available online.

    Bookmarking this site for future use. Keep doing the good work, man. Thanks again.

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